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Daniel "Dan" Dubé, Esq.

Bio: Resume

Practice -

I have handled cases in all classes and types of crime. I have represented clients in all Maine counties and in the federal courts. I practice statewide. Spending a lot of time in courtrooms, I can better predict what a court is likely to do, and how an issue might be handled. Civility and credibility are cornerstones of my approach. I have worked in a variety of firm settings and I favor the solo model of practice for both myself and my clients.

Education -

I have studied nationwide and internationally at an array of selective and difficult schools and programs, obtaining three degrees. I kept my focus on long-term skill-building and knowledge accrual. I attended a prestigious law school on scholarship, but my greatest learning and lessons have been from life experience.

Now, I keep abreast of the latest developments and techniques in the relevant fields through national and state training, professional organizations, periodicals, and research. 

Interests -

Family and family history. Outdoor activities, including trail running, canoeing, cycling. Music is the lifeblood of the house. Books abound. And generally, revisiting old haunts and exploring our great state.

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